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Complete Customer Click Stream Data

Do you know your true Affiliate marketing ROI?

In sale or lead conversion knowing all customer touch points is necessary for measuring the true ROI of online marketing efforts. Savvy web shoppers cross multiple channels leading up to a conversion. Having insight into the entire path-to-purchase is increasingly important for advertisers who want to optimize their online marketing campaigns.

AvantMetrics, brought to you by, makes this data insight possible, and more. In addition to pixel container logic for managing 3rd party pixels, AvantMetrics can...

  ›› De-duplicate multi-network commissions if using more than one Affiliate network.
  ›› De-duplicate internal marketing channels with Affiliate network activity.
  ›› Set business rules for shared attribution based on customer path-to-purchase.

For an overview on what AvantMetrics can do for your business view the short video below. Please contact us with questions, or get started by submitting an application form.

About AvantLink is the premiere Affiliate marketing tracking, analytics and technology platform for top tier Affiliates and web retailers. Founded in 2005 on the ideas of innovation, quality and service, AvantLink offers an array of industry leading online marketing tools and scripts integrated in the network platform free of charge.